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Four Essential Meal Planning Supplies

Planning meals is a great way to stay on track. The Planner screen on intelli-Diet allows you to do just that. But you’ll need to make sure that you have the supplies to make eating the right foods easy and convenient. Here are four items that will help you on your journey.

Item #1: Storage Containers and Wraps
Ziplocs, Glad bags, and re-usable containers are great for storing portable foods. For example, use snack-size bags for nuts or seeds and use sandwich-size bags for breads or English muffins. Re-usable containers are very versatile and can be used to store fruits, vegetables, and many of other foods. Use Saran Wrap or Foil to protect sandwiches and other loose foods.

Item #2: Insulated Lunch Bag and Ice Pack
Take your insulated lunch bag with you on your way to work and put it into the fridge when you get there. eBags.com has a great selection of adult lunch bags. Also make sure to include a frozen Ice Pack to keep the food cold on your commute. Rubbermaid’s Blue Mini Ice Pack is reliable and fits well in most lunch bags. Make sure to purchase 2-3 so you’ll always have at least one ready to go in the morning.

Item #3: Water Filter
Having a water filter in the refrigerator will ensure that you’ll always have a filtered supply of water when you want it. There are many brands in this space, including Culligan, PUR, and Brita, just to name a few. However, the PUR DS-1800Z 2-Stage Water Dispenser is a bestseller on Amazon.com, is highly rated, and holds 18 cups.

Item #4: Reusable Water Bottle.
Make sure to purchase two reusable water bottles that are made of BPA-Free plastic or stainless steel. That way if one is dirty, you’ll likely have a clean one that is ready to go. Good BPA-Free options include those made by CamelBak and Nalgene. Good stainless steel options include Klean Kanteen and Sigg. These can all be found at low prices on Amazon.com

With these four items, you’ll be able to carry the right foods and a supply of water with you at all times. Exactly what you need to stay nourished, hydrated, and well on your way to your weight loss goal.

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