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iPhone Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps for iPhone

There are many iPhone fitness apps available in Apple’s App Store. There are fitness apps for iPhone that provide music for high intensity interval training and there are even ones that allow you to monitor your heart rate. Often times, we are asked what is the best iPhone fitness app. While its hard to say what exactly the best iPhone fitness apps are, one thing is for sure, whichever one meets the users’ needs is the one that constitutes the best fitness app.

Best Fitness Apps for iPhone

In our opinion, the best fitness app for iPhone is the one that lets you meet your weight loss and exercise goals. Some rely heavily on fitness accessories such as  as the Nike GPS+ app. However, there are others that you can do standalone without any fitness accessories like the very popular iPhone fitness apps including: C25K (Couch to 5k), Cyclemeter, and iMapMyRide+.

Additional popular fitness apps for iPhone include Gym Genie and Fitnessbuilder. These ones provide the user information on how to best utilize at-home gym equipment or fitness equipment at a professional health club. We hope this article lets you navigate through the Health & Fitness category of Apple’s App Store!
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