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Best Calorie Tracker iPhone App

If you are looking for the best calorie tracker iPhone app, then this article will help you navigate across the many apps in the Health & Fitness category of Apple’s App Store!

Best Calorie Tracker iPhone App – Considerations

When searching for the calorie tracker that is best for you, you must consider whether or not you want to type in foods, or instead be given food groups that make sense for your diet. Although large databases allow for more specificity, they can become quite cumbersome and time consuming when every single food you eat every day is manually entered through typing or searching. It is important to consider whether you would want this, or a check-the-box system that is featured in ohter apps.

Additionally, it is important to consider apps that allow you to plan in advance. There are many apps available that only show you what’s going on today, and do not allow for meal planning, let alone calorie tracking for the rest of the week.

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WELL-BALANCED: ensures the right amount of good fats, carbs, and lean proteins

INCREDIBLE VARIETY: ability to swap meals and even particular foods

DAILY TIPS: receive daily health tips to help keep you on track

CUSTOMIZABLE: choose only the foods you like from our custom-built database

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