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Best Diet App for iPhone

The app store has many categories ranging from Social Networking to Music to Weather. This article will focus on making sense of the Healthcare & Fitness category, and help you find the best diet app for iPhone.

Best Diet App for iPhone

Fitness Apps:
These apps, like the popular iFitness, focus primarily on resistance training in the form of weight lifting. They often are standalone applications that show you exercise techniques through illustrations and videos. These apps allow you to plan and track your weight lifting progress over time.

Weight Loss and Diet Apps:
While these make up the bulk of the health apps in the category, there is a distinction between traditional calorie counter type applications like Lose It and Calorie Counter Pro, and meal planner apps like intelli-Diet. Calorie counters help you TRACK your calories, while meal planning apps help you PLAN ahead your meals. As both iPhone diet apps have their own pros and cons, decide what is best for your needs.

Running Apps:
There are quite a few running apps in the category, ranging from pedometers to apps allowing you to map your runs on Google. Some apps, like Nike+ GPS, allow you to see your speed and distance while running, acting as a replacement to expensive watches from Garmin and Polar.

Utility Apps:
Apps classified as utilities within the Healthcare & Fitness category are apps such as alarm clocks that sound off gradually from low volume to high volume. Other miscellaneous apps in this category offer music to help you relax.

If you know what you are looking for, try using the search functionality. Apps use keywords that make them easier to find through the search functionality, then manually searching through the 100s of apps in the category.

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