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iPhone App Diet Tracker

When looking for the best iPhone App Diet Tracker, it is important to consider the foods that are contained in the app’s nutritional database. Often times, apps will have 100s of thousands of foods built-in, however, it becomes a pain when the food you search for is not listed. More importantly, many iPhone App Diet Tracker do not have healthy foods built in – and are primarily large databases full of unhealthy, fast food listings.

iPhone App Diet Tracker – What to look for

It is important to look for features that now only track your food each day, but also allow for easy tracking of water. Studies after studies have shown that water keeps you satiated throughout the day and decreases the probability of gorging on food later in the day. It is also important to consider that the app allows you to track your weight loss progress over time.

Another important feature is whether or not the app allows for an online or offline database. If the app has an offline database, and you do not have reception, it can be very frustrating when trying to log a food. Look for apps that contain and offline database so that whenever you want to track a food, you can easily add it to your iPhone App Diet Tracker with no problems!

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WELL-BALANCED: ensures the right amount of good fats, carbs, and lean proteins

INCREDIBLE VARIETY: ability to swap meals and even particular foods

DAILY TIPS: receive daily health tips to help keep you on track

CUSTOMIZABLE: choose only the foods you like from our custom-built database

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