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Best Diet App

If you are looking for the best diet app for iPhone, there are a few important things to consider. We will discuss four key features for finding the best diet app.

How to Find the Best Diet App

Variety is the spice of life!

For variety-seekers, apps that allow for delicious food combinations are likely to satisfy!.  It’s amazing how many delicious combinations you can make just out of a few healthy foods. Spices really help here! Low calorie, natural, and tasty!

Track your weight loss:
The ability to track weight loss is a necessity if you plan on sticking to a diet for the long term. Any best diet app should certainly have features where you can track your weight loss in both charts and tables.

Planning meals:

It is important that the diet app you choose has the ability to plan your meals in advance. At least a week out would be our recommendation for how long the diet app lets you plan your meals.

Grocery list generation:

Having a grocry list will let you know what you should buy at the grocery store so you are not distracted by unhealthy food options. These foods will provide the cornerstone for your healthy eating plan!

We hope these key features will help you choose the best diet app for you!


Best Calorie Counter App

If you are trying to find the best calorie counter app for iPhone, there are a few important things to consider. We will discuss five key features for finding the best calorie counter app.

Finding the Best Calorie Counter App

Whole, natural, healthy foods:
Many applications that claim they are a best calorie counter app, brag about the large food databases. Although these databases may certainly be large in size, what is more important is the true qualify of the database, such as healthy fats, good for you whole-grain carbs, and lean proein sources. Also, many apps do not encourage consumption of fruits and vegetables, so it is important to find an app that does, because these foods  fill you up!

Meal combinations and variety:
For people who seek variety, it’s important to find a calorie counter app that can be mixed and matched to create many delicious food combinations.  You’d be surprised to find how many combinations you can make out of just one hundred or so healthy foods. You can always add low calorie spices to give your dishes great flavor!

Tracking weight loss progress and BMI:
A calorie counter app would not be complete without the ability to track your weight loss. It’s important that there is a feature to log your weight as often as you like it (although we recommend no more than once per week). Also, BMI calculators are helpful to determine if you are a normal weight or are overweight.

Planning meals:
An app that is a best calorie counter app simply allows for planning ahead your meals. It is also important to have the ability to print out these plans if you do not always have your phone with you. It provides an easy check-the-box system.

Printing a grocery list:
A calorie counter app is only good if it uses foods you actually have. Don’t be afraid to go to the grocery shop more often and eat out less often. Not only will it shrink your waistline, but it will also save you your heard earned money! Look into buying bulk grocery foods from large discount retailers or club stores such as Sam’s Club, CostCo, and BJ’s.

Hopefully these key fundamentals will help you find the calorie counter app that is the best fit for you!


Best Calorie Tracker iPhone App

If you are looking for the best calorie tracker iPhone app, then this article will help you navigate across the many apps in the Health & Fitness category of Apple’s App Store!

Best Calorie Tracker iPhone App – Considerations

When searching for the calorie tracker that is best for you, you must consider whether or not you want to type in foods, or instead be given food groups that make sense for your diet. Although large databases allow for more specificity, they can become quite cumbersome and time consuming when every single food you eat every day is manually entered through typing or searching. It is important to consider whether you would want this, or a check-the-box system that is featured in ohter apps.

Additionally, it is important to consider apps that allow you to plan in advance. There are many apps available that only show you what’s going on today, and do not allow for meal planning, let alone calorie tracking for the rest of the week.


iPhone App Diet Tracker

When looking for the best iPhone App Diet Tracker, it is important to consider the foods that are contained in the app’s nutritional database. Often times, apps will have 100s of thousands of foods built-in, however, it becomes a pain when the food you search for is not listed. More importantly, many iPhone App Diet Tracker do not have healthy foods built in – and are primarily large databases full of unhealthy, fast food listings.

iPhone App Diet Tracker – What to look for

It is important to look for features that now only track your food each day, but also allow for easy tracking of water. Studies after studies have shown that water keeps you satiated throughout the day and decreases the probability of gorging on food later in the day. It is also important to consider that the app allows you to track your weight loss progress over time.

Another important feature is whether or not the app allows for an online or offline database. If the app has an offline database, and you do not have reception, it can be very frustrating when trying to log a food. Look for apps that contain and offline database so that whenever you want to track a food, you can easily add it to your iPhone App Diet Tracker with no problems!


Best Weight Loss App for iPhone

There are many apps in the Health & Fitness category. When searching for a the best weight loss app for iPhone, there are a few important things to consider. This article will discuss the six fundamental features having one a weight loss app:

How to spot the best weight loss app for iPhone

Healthy Foods:
Many iPhone weight loss apps boast the expansive food databases they offer. These databases have large QUANTITY; containing often 10,000+ foods including bacon wrapped dates, glazed donuts, and the notorious KFC Double Down. Instead, what is important is the QUALITY of the database. Don’t be fooled by these expansive databases. There are only so many foods that are truly healthy for lifelong health: good fats, whole-grain carbs, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables.

While there are some people that like routine, there are others that like variety. For those people, it’s important that the foods generated from the meal planner app can be mixed and matched. A good weight loss app should have the ability to easily customize your meal plan to seek your desired level of variety. Even though there are not 10,000s of “healthy foods,” you’d be surprised how many different combinations you can make out of just a few ingredients.

Weight Tracking:
A weight loss app would not be complete without the ability to track your weight loss. Moreover, the app should automatically calculate your new calorie requirements based on your (hopefully) lower weight. BMI (Body Mass Index) is a good proxy for your weight levels, and is a feature built into some of the iPhone diet apps. However, all body types vary so it’s important to use BMI along with a sanity check of your healthy weight.

A good health app lets you plan your meals ahead. The nature of the word “planner” in a meal planner app should enable it to generate meals for at least a week ahead. Some features that should belong in any meal planning app are: ability to customize weekly meal plan, ability to e-mail plan, and the ability to print off the formatted plan.

Grocery List:
A diet app is only good if it uses foods you actually have. The grocery store is your friend. Eating out less and going to restaurants less will not only reduce your waist line, but will also save you a lot of $$$$$! The grocery list should be built into the meal planner app so that the foods it gives you are ones that you actually have available to you. Some features that should belong in such a health app are: ability to customize shopping list with your preferred foods, ability to e-mail list, and the ability to print off the formatted list.

This is the main divide between weight loss apps in the Health & Fitness category in the App Store. There are diet apps that are simply calorie trackers. Then there are diet apps that are meal planner apps. Decide what is best for your needs. Traditional calorie trackers have two primary downfalls: it’s hard to plan ahead meals and you might not be getting the proper nutritional balance. On the other hand, a great meal planner app takes into consideration your caloric requirements, and generates a nutritionally sound meal plan based on foods you like AND foods you have.

Hopefully these fundamentals will allow you to better navigate the seas of the Health & Fitness category on Apple’s App Store. Cnet.com, a leading technology review site, recently came out with an article titled “Four killer iPhone apps that help you lose weight.” It named intelli-Diet as a “rising star among iPhone diet apps.”

Moreover, it nicely summarized the difference between a traditional diet app that is a calorie tracker, and a more robust meal planner app for weight loss:

“Apps like Calorie Counter Pro and Lose It merely keep track of what you eat, but intelli-Diet tells you what to eat, and when. In other words, it actually lays out a diet plan for you, one that’s based on the foods you like and/or have. It even generates a shopping list for the meal plans.”


Best Calorie Counter iPhone App

The Healthcare & Fitness category on the Apple App Store has many apps that can be classified as weight loss apps and diet apps. However there are two main differences among these: those that are calorie counter apps and those that are meal planner apps. So this is a guide to help you find the best calorie counter iPhone app.

The iPhone Diet App Guide

Calorie Counter Apps
Apps that fall into this category are those such as Lose It, Livestrong’s Calorie Tracker, and Calorie Counter Pro, to name a few. Calorie counter apps determine a certain caloric threshold to achieve each day, it’s then up to you to meet that threshold, and hope you get a nutritionally balanced plan while you’re at it. These apps flaunt things such as “300,000+ foods in the database” and “built-in barcode scanners.” The QUALITY of the database is what matters, not the QUANTITY. Those 300,000+ foods include bacon-wrapped dates, the KFC Double Down, among artery-clogging others. Also, built-in barcode scanners may seem like a nice bell and whistle, but if you want to eat healthy and lose weight, you shouldn’t have a UPC label on your apple, broccoli, or lean chicken breast!

Meal Planner Apps:
These apps get to know things about you: your height, weight, gender, weight loss goals, activity level etc. Meal planner apps take into account the foods you prefer and the foods you have in stock, and generate a well-balanced plan for you. They are purposely simple and built intelligently. They give you more time to focus on things other than planning ahead your meals and calorie counting. Time that can better spent living your life.


Best Diet App for iPhone

The app store has many categories ranging from Social Networking to Music to Weather. This article will focus on making sense of the Healthcare & Fitness category, and help you find the best diet app for iPhone.

Best Diet App for iPhone

Fitness Apps:
These apps, like the popular iFitness, focus primarily on resistance training in the form of weight lifting. They often are standalone applications that show you exercise techniques through illustrations and videos. These apps allow you to plan and track your weight lifting progress over time.

Weight Loss and Diet Apps:
While these make up the bulk of the health apps in the category, there is a distinction between traditional calorie counter type applications like Lose It and Calorie Counter Pro, and meal planner apps like intelli-Diet. Calorie counters help you TRACK your calories, while meal planning apps help you PLAN ahead your meals. As both iPhone diet apps have their own pros and cons, decide what is best for your needs.

Running Apps:
There are quite a few running apps in the category, ranging from pedometers to apps allowing you to map your runs on Google. Some apps, like Nike+ GPS, allow you to see your speed and distance while running, acting as a replacement to expensive watches from Garmin and Polar.

Utility Apps:
Apps classified as utilities within the Healthcare & Fitness category are apps such as alarm clocks that sound off gradually from low volume to high volume. Other miscellaneous apps in this category offer music to help you relax.

If you know what you are looking for, try using the search functionality. Apps use keywords that make them easier to find through the search functionality, then manually searching through the 100s of apps in the category.


Dotty s Weight Loss Zone

This is a review of the Dotty s Weight Loss Zone for the iPhone. This is a well known website that was formed back in the day to supplement those following the Weight Watchers Points and now Points Plus program. The Dotty s Weight Loss Zone app required an active internet connection to work.

The description of their chart climbing app is: Are you watching your sodium, or limiting your carbs? You can do all this, while leaving the cooking to the chef at your favorite restaurant. You can get the information at my web page of course, but now you can have it right with you on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, when you have Dotti’s Food Score! It’s “Dotti’s to go” for your eating experience.

We think that the best iPhone diet apps are ones that support healthy food decision making. Check out the Dotty s Weight Loss Zone app franchise for an interesting array of apps – whether it’s for dining out or eating in!


Eat This Not That App

This is a review of the eat this not that app for the iPhone. Men’s health has revealed a host of iPhone apps under the eat this not that app franchise. These include such titles as Eat This, Not That! the Game, Eat This, Not That! Restaurants, and The Eat This, Not That! No-Diet Diet.

The description of their ever popular eat this not that app game is as follows: Think you can spot the stealth health food from the gut bomb? EAT THIS, NOT THAT! THE GAME challenges your armchair nutritionist skills with hundreds of fast food face-offs.

Are you ready to start winning the war on fat? Test yourself with two exciting game modes and earn your spot on the leaderboard. Boost your score by tuning in to the surprising answers revealed after each question or round, and then take another run at the top or try a new category

We think that the best iPhone diet apps are ones that support healthy food choices. Check out the eat this not that app franchise for an interesting array of apps – whether it’s for dining out or eating in!


iPhone Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps for iPhone

There are many iPhone fitness apps available in Apple’s App Store. There are fitness apps for iPhone that provide music for high intensity interval training and there are even ones that allow you to monitor your heart rate. Often times, we are asked what is the best iPhone fitness app. While its hard to say what exactly the best iPhone fitness apps are, one thing is for sure, whichever one meets the users’ needs is the one that constitutes the best fitness app.

Best Fitness Apps for iPhone

In our opinion, the best fitness app for iPhone is the one that lets you meet your weight loss and exercise goals. Some rely heavily on fitness accessories such as  as the Nike GPS+ app. However, there are others that you can do standalone without any fitness accessories like the very popular iPhone fitness apps including: C25K (Couch to 5k), Cyclemeter, and iMapMyRide+.

Additional popular fitness apps for iPhone include Gym Genie and Fitnessbuilder. These ones provide the user information on how to best utilize at-home gym equipment or fitness equipment at a professional health club. We hope this article lets you navigate through the Health & Fitness category of Apple’s App Store!
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WELL-BALANCED: ensures the right amount of good fats, carbs, and lean proteins

INCREDIBLE VARIETY: ability to swap meals and even particular foods

DAILY TIPS: receive daily health tips to help keep you on track

CUSTOMIZABLE: choose only the foods you like from our custom-built database

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