iPhone Diet App Story

I will be the first to say….”I was definitely the gold medalist of yo-yo dieting….”

Four years ago I became a consultant after I graduated from college and since then I’ve done nothing but struggle with my weight. Every time I started a diet – whether it was Atkins, NutriSystem, or just watching my calorie intake – somehow I ended up weighing more when I was finished then when I started. I start off strong but then give up because I get fed up with either the restricted nature of the diet or the time it takes to count calories.

All my yo-yoing was really starting to add up. None of my dress shirts fit, my pants were too tight, and I found myself teetering on the edge of obesity. In late January, I spent a weekend in NYC and that’s when I found out one of my buddies had lost a lot of weight . The best part, he had maintained his new weight because the “diet” was a lifestyle change and sustainable. He was lean, happy, and loving life. How did he do it? He simply ate five meals a day containing mostly non-processed, natural, everyday foods and watched his calories. Well that sounded easy enough, right?

WRONG! To adopt this lifelong, healthy lifestyle, I needed to understand how many calories I burned a day, how many calories I should eat a day, what percent of my calories should come from protein, carbohydrates, and fats, what the right foods are, what the right portions are, and meanwhile track all of this in a calorie tracker each and every day. Needless to say, this was way too time consuming, and I quit after 2 weeks.

But I was not ready to quit entirely. I knew deep down that this was truly the ONLY real sustainable way to eat healthy over the long-term. Which was simply to eat healthy foods, in the right portions, and stay within a certain amount of calories. I had all the data I needed. The problem was that it was not in a usable format. Spending my hard earned money on diet books didn’t help either. For every 300 or so pages, about 1 to 2 pages were dedicated to something I could actually use, a meal plan!

The day I picked up my iPhone, I had an epiphany. This little device, which is always with you at all times, had the power to convert this wealth of data into a format that people can actually use to lose weight. I then decided on my unwavering mission: To create a mobile application that makes it AS EASY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE to eat right for lifelong health. And thus intelli-Diet was born.

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WELL-BALANCED: ensures the right amount of good fats, carbs, and lean proteins

INCREDIBLE VARIETY: ability to swap meals and even particular foods

DAILY TIPS: receive daily health tips to help keep you on track

CUSTOMIZABLE: choose only the foods you like from our custom-built database

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