iPhone Weight Loss App Reviews

If you are looking for iPhone diet app reviews or iPhone weight loss app reviews, you came to the right place! Below you’ll find testimonials from fans of intelli-Diet, the best diet app available for the iPhone!

Yayy ★★★★★
by Scribbly

I’m pickier than a third grader when it comes to food preferences, and I was looking for an app that’ll basically plan meals based on what I like to eat and what I have in my kitchen. This IS that app. I’m a happy camper. It’s like having your own dietitian who gets it. Plus, it doesn’t look at me like I’m from Mars when I say “I don’t like fish and eggs!”

A great personal assistant for my diet! ★★★★★
by mckinsey_traveler

This app has been a great addition to my daily routine! A few of my coworkers recommended it to help me stick to my diet during business trips. I like that the app limits me to healthy options and the recommendations are portion controlled to limit my caloric intake. I also like the refresh and substiution features that allow me to further customize the meal recommendations.

Update: it’s been 2 weeks now and I’ve lost 8 pounds! Thanks intelli-Diet!

Best diet app available for the iPhone! ★★★★★
by floridamoms

I’ve tried several of the calorie counters available on the App Store, but none of them compare. It’s very easy to setup and does a great job of recommending meals based on the foods I have available at home. I just select the foods that are available in my kitchen and it recommends a variety of meals with the right portions to help me lose weight. The calorie counters allowed me to eat whatever I wanted and just watched me eat unhealthy foods that helped me gain weight. This is a smarter approach to diet apps and I recommend it!

If you’re serious about weight loss try this app! ★★★★★
by fatboy312

I’ve been using this app for 3 months and lost 27 pounds. It does a great job planning my meals and I’m eating much healthier. Thanks for creating a great application that finally helps me lose some weight!

TERRIFIC!!! ★★★★★
by alpha bard

TERRIFIC app!! I enjoy using all the well-designed features of the Intelli-Diet, AND I’m losing weight! It give me well-balanced menu choices from delicious and healthy foods. It’s great to personalize my own meal plans with the foods I select to eat.

The Intelli-Diet is both fun and easy to use. The instructions are very clear. It has 3 choose-your-own meals a day, plus 2 pick-your-own snack selections. It’s healthy, tasty and good-to-eat food. I like the water tracker, the meal planners and the kitchen shopping list, along with the personalized individualized settings I can apply.

I LOVE IT! I’m eating well, I have more energy and I’m losing pounds!! Thanks so much!!

An AMAZING diet app!! Wow! ★★★★★
by Jessica1842

I bought this app because I wanted something to help me lose weight and eat healthy. The calorie counting apps are great at tracking calories, but I had no idea what was healthy or what was not. As a result I found myself eating unhealthy foods but staying within my calorie allotment. Yup.

With intelli-Diet, I not only learn about the healthy foods but I ALSO learn about PORTION CONTROL. That’s because the app not only tells me what I can eat but tells me how much of it I should eat! What I also find really cool about this app is that it automatically creates a balanced meal plan based on the foods I like and the foods I have available to eat.

The app lets me customize my meal plan by swapping out foods. What is REALLY cool is that it knows what it is I’m swapping out! So for example, if I’m swapping out milk, it will ONLY show me food options that are proteins. Not only that, but all those protein options that it shows are only those foods that I said that I have and ONLY those foods that I said that I liked!! So useful.

Tons of other features I found too, like weight loss tips if you double click on meal labels. A water tracker. A weight tracker. Color customizaitons. And the list goes on!!

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WELL-BALANCED: ensures the right amount of good fats, carbs, and lean proteins

INCREDIBLE VARIETY: ability to swap meals and even particular foods

DAILY TIPS: receive daily health tips to help keep you on track

CUSTOMIZABLE: choose only the foods you like from our custom-built database

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